Double Trouble

Posted by Nicole Sylvester Category: Life

Good Morning world,

It is 8:39 AM and I am sitting at my day job, thinking about what I will perform at my next show. YES I said it Day Job! Since I am like two separate people in one person. There is the working me, who is actually trying to continue my education, find a great career, move out on my own, and you know, contribute to healthcare. Then there is Nicole the Singer, writing music,  singing at shows, shopping for beats and recording. How do I balance the two? Well I try not to let them mix, however as you can see I am writing this post as I sit at work (side eyes smiley). They happen to mix anyways even without my control. The truth is music/singing is apart of me, and there is no taking that away. So for all of those who are in my situation I would suggest finding out what you love and putting your all into it. In my case I have three loves, that is MUSIC, EDUCATION and CHARITY. I know that sounds cliche but it is true. I am not a saint! However I can say that a part of me is a professional and the other part is the life of the PARTY.